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    The feature I found potentially most interesting was not documented. Please include examples using the regex field separator as claimed in the feature list.

    Interesting to see many rust projects following the formula of taking on a problem from an old unix tool and creating a more modern user friendly porcelain by reducing the scope.

    In this specific case, a relatively common tiny wrapper around awk for the use case of extracting a column is:

    aprint () {awk -v col="$1" '{ print $col }' }
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      That is a very subjective rationale. A better marketing name, in my view, would be: Python style pattern scanning and more!. Also it misses one of the basic feature that both cut(1) and awk(1) do posses: ability to read the file directly. Catting only makes sense when you want to concatenate multiple files.

      Other than that, quite an interesting utility with a unique approach.

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        I’m being pedantic, but you can use this without cat using redirects, such as in choose 1 < file.txt