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    The main request I have for release notes is: please don’t generate them from commits! That’s absolutely unreadable and useless, no matter how good your commit messages are.

    Please just take a bit of time on each release to manually write proper release notes.

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      Slightly less useless than “bug fixes and performance improvements”, though.

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      On a similar note.

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        Articles like this remind me that less than half of the actual job of building/doing things is the actual building/doing. Unless you have an organization backing you, there’s a lot of thankless meta work involved.

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          Coding is the easy part of building software :-)

          As a software tester I spent most of my time not doing actual testing, but All The Other Things(tm). Release management, meetings, code reviews, planning…all to give my colleagues more time to write their code. And sometimes a lot of testing related work, a mix I actually liked.