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    I wonder at what point it makes sense for them to through it all out and change the name, ala DirectX (as in DirectX is obviously not named OpenGL nor does it aim to be compatible). They’ve been adding and removing and tuning the API for a while now.

    One can try deprecating and removing cruft, but inevitably some of it has to be retained, and sometimes if something isn’t quite broken enough it doesn’t get fixed. And then there’s the documentation problem. Search google for opengl. You find answers about all sorts of versions in all sorts of environments. Any given stackoverflow question about a code sample is liable to begin with “omg, that code is so old. that’s not how we do things anymore.”

    Maybe this is that? Hard to tell if glNext is a code name or what.

    I did some OpenGL programming way back. Occasionally look into it again, but it’s hard for me to determine what resources have been updated and what haven’t, and I don’t want to spend time on a deadend. A reboot would be very welcome.