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    Screenshots in the README would make this exciting!

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      Okay, I just added ONE animated gif. I’ll add more as I go!

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        Nice!! đź‘Ť

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        you’re right! thanks for the feedback. I’ll try to get those up this week. :)

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        Sounds cool, but why not support the open standard Vulkan instead? Metal is just a proprietary Apple-interface and you are playing in their hands by increasing their mindshare.

        I may sound like Richard Stallman here, but Vulkan is the first chance in years to stop the DirectX/OpenGL/… madness between the big operating systems and unite under one banner.

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          Gosh. Yeah you’re so right and it’s definitely something I’ve been struggling with. The reason I chose Metal was because I do iOS development for money, and I figured it would be helpful. That said, if I want to be serious about graphics programming work, I should learn Vulcan.

          I appreciate your comment! I completely agree with you, and am constantly frustrated by my repeated failure to leave the apple ecosystem.

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            You sound a bit like Stallman. :)

            Increasing Apple’s mindshare isn’t a bad thing. I spend my days working on an Apple laptop, using an Apple phone. Cross platform is nice, but it comes at a cost of your time: not only do you have to be familiar with all platforms’ individual APIs, but you also have to know the overarching cross platform API. It’s usually not worth it, and devs have no obligation to try it.

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              You do sound like Richard Stallman, IMHO. Why not comment on the actual project, instead of saying “you’re wasting your time, you should be working on what I consider to be a better thing”?

              If you’re targeting the iOS and/or MacOS platforms, Metal is the better choice. If you’re looking to run your code on other platforms too, then Vulkan may be the better choice - but not all code must be cross platform…

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                He may sound like Stallman but that is not a bad thing as Stallman has been proven right many times over. This does imply that in the end it is better to forego on some temporary convenience - in this case tailoring a project to a proprietary graphics stack - for a solution which has better long-term prospects. While this is inconvenient to those who bought in to the proprietary product (in this case that means Apple products of any sort) it provides an impetus to those who have not yet chosen a path to avoid those products. Once enough people choose that option the manufacturer will have to react by opening up the product in some way or risk a slide into irrelevance.

                Unfortunately this usually takes a long time, often longer than the effective life time of the product series…

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                  Nobody said the developer is wasting his/her time. What was said is clear:

                  Vulkan is the first chance in years to stop the DirectX/OpenGL/… madness between the big operating systems and unite under one banner.

                  Metal may be a better choice, for technical reasons (speed, documentation, platform consistency) but Vulkan may be a better choice, for social, moral, and potentially technical (portability, compatability, ecosystem) reasons.