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    This confused me for a moment. That version number applies to the Rust bindings, not to Cap’n Proto itself, which is at version 0.10 IIRC.

    (I use it in my in-development social network. At a high level I like it, though I find the C++ API kind of unwieldy and I dislike the way it provides its own replacement for virtually all of the C++ standard library.)

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      A bit off-topic: Does anyone use Cap’n Proto’s Rust version in production? I am thinking whether I shall give it a go or fallback to well-established gRPC. After a preliminary check up I am a bit scared to use it long term.

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        I did a similar analysis, and stuck with gRPC. The support for services w/Tonic is really solid. If you’re just looking for structure serialization, then it’s probably not a bad (and possibly faster) solution.

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          Cloudflare uses it extensively in internal services.

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            I was under impression that they use only C++ implementation.

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              The Rust library is definitely used in at least one internal service I can think of