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A B Compiler: abc is a compiler for the B Programming Language that targets x86_32 processors. It is currently tested under Linux but should work (or at least be easily ported) to other UNIX-like systems. The code is based on an early C compiler (last1120c) by Dennis Ritchie.


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    Since B was a knock-off of BCPL, I recommend people just go to it to see the real thing that invented “the programmer is in control.” On top of this if they find it interesting. It’s just that Thompson had to remove stuff to squeeze it into PDP-7.

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      There is a full modern BCPL available from Martin Richards’ BCPL site with a 64-bit port available as well as Cintpos, a port of Tripos using Cintcode BCPL. Tripos was the ancestor of AmigaDOS.

      Richards has a related language, MCPL available, which he describes as “a simple typeless language which is based on BCPL. It makes extensive use of pattern matching somewhat related to that used in ML and Prolog, and some other features come from C.”

      Edit: Robert Nordier has made available Classic BCPL for modern systems.