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    I currently use Streamlit for a quick-and-dirty web interface for a toy project, hosted on Streamlit Cloud. It took me about an hour to go from a CLI to a mostly-working web interface and only a few minutes to host it on Streamlit Cloud so that was great.

    That being said the remarks at the “Why?” section resonates with me, now that I added more inter-dependent widgets in my Streamlit app. I think I’ll miss the easy hosting with NiceGUI: FastAPI docs mention Deta as an option but they don’t even seem to support Python 3.10 yet, and they seem to be in the process of a revamp. Does anyone have any experience with Deta Cloud/Spaces or a similar alternative?

    (As an aside, Streamlit cloud also hasn’t been the most reliable, with the app being stuck on blank screens occasionally on different browsers and an “outage” that randomly broke the website for some people that was discussed in their Discourse which seems to be fixed [but I haven’t come across any official announcement].)

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      Looks like remi