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    I haven’t tried it out, but this looks pretty damned polished for an OSS design tool, written mainly by 3 or 4 people.

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      Thanks for the kind words, we’re quite proud. In the “core” team we’re 3 programmers and 2 UI designers.

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        Agree. Doesn’t even look like an alpha release.

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        Hi! one of the devs here. I’m open to any questions you have. If don’t want to register but wan to check the application in action you can check some videos we’ve prepared on Youtube

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          As time goes on, and I learn more and more about Inkscape, I realize Inkscape is pretty damn powerful itself and is suited toward so many tasks. I use it to prototype UI all the time. With the introduction of the alignment tools it’s gotten even better.

          It makes me question if things like Penpot are really necessary.

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            We do love Inkscape and was our prefered OSS tool. In fact, we love it so much we did this: a proposal to revisit Inkscape UX/UI (it’s already 6 years old)

            But designing digital products in Inkscape is very lacking. From project management, collaborative support, version control, publish workflows, comments to files. Also the concept of reusable components in your UI and design systems it’s a common trend and hardly usable in Inkscape. Even the fact that if you want to show your mockups to a client you need to export SVG’s but they are not interactable… our you need a technical background. I could really go on and on :)

            Really after a lot of struggle designing with Inkscape we decided to go to proprietary tools which was sad because we’re really OSS supporters. Eventually, we started developing Penpot to fill that space. I really believe it’s a tool necessary in the Open Source ecosystem.

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            Has anyone tried this and compared with https://pencil.evolus.vn/ ?