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    Much of the content on the page was removed.

    This link has better info: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Projects/WebReplay

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      That is really neat. Thanks!

      The page ought to link to this.

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      What am I supposed to be seeing here that I am not?
      The page is just a perspective-skewed screenshot and the message

      Replay is an early experiment. We’ll let you know on @FirefoxDevTools when it’s ready for input.

      I can make some guesses from the screenshot (the words “Paused in Recording”), but there’s no explanation what the “early experiment” even is. There is a link to @FirefoxDevTools on Twitter but it doesn’t mention Replay in any recent posts.

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        yes there was more info before but it’s a debugging replay tool:


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          I think someone found a page in testing and linked it here.

          To my knowledge, Firefox Replay is rr, but for the web.

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            It’s probably a debugging tool that records what happens in the background to replay later on and dive deeper into code execution?

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              That’s my best-guess assumption. I was wondering why this has so many upvotes for a zero-information page that isn’t even a release announcement. Since I can’t downvote (only flag, which seems wrong), figured I would ask.

              At this point I figure perhaps they changed the page since it was posted (as of writing this, 7 hours ago)?

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                When it was posted the site had more content, yes.

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                  Yeah, there’s an archive.org link elsewhere in the thread which represents what was actually on the page at the time it was posted.