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    Objection! It’s not weekly if you’re going to release it biweekly! ;)

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      True enough, but we need to start somewhere :) Also FWIW I’m not going to post these (bi-)weekly. Just really really interesting ones, like the very first.

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        Call it NixOS fortnightly, that word isn’t used often enough! >.<

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      Glad to see some things about NixOS, but posting digests of things instead of individual articles (especially news) isn’t so great. :(

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        Yes I agree! Perhaps I should have explained up in the description: I’m not necessarily posting this for the content of the digest, but also to spread the word that the digest exists and you can sign up.

        (edit: is that inappropriate for lobste.rs?)

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          I think it’s appropriate as a one-off thing, but after that the links should probably be submitted individually. Some people might be defensive because “Microservices Weekly” got pretty obnoxious

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            Thanks for the explanation!

            (edit: is that inappropriate for lobste.rs?)

            I’m personally not a huge fan, because that starts to show the site as a place for advertising–even for good causes, once the word is out the nonsense begins. We had similar discussions about, say, raising awareness for the FSF if memory serves. The problem is we don’t really want to turn the site into a clearinghouse for people who want to get signups for their favorite tech cause, and that tends to be the end result of letting some things in (even cool things like yours!).

            That said, that’s just, like, my opinion, man. :)

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              At the same time, some people here actually want to hear about things. That’s the great paradox of advertising. :)

              I know I’m glad to hear about this particular thing, although I second cmm’s remark (as my personal opinion only).

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              That what my interpretation of it. Seems fair to put something like that on Lobsters so long as it’s a one-off thing for an interesting tech. It would be different if they start piling up on front page.