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    Read Toyota Production System by Taiichi Ohno.

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      The reality was that just reading the recorded deliberations of senior figures at the time would give me a view at the truth, and a way to evaluate all the other opinions I felt bombarded by.

      What I should have learned, in other words, was: ignore the noise, and go to the signal.

      @zwischenzugs did you read The Toyota Way or the Toyota Production System? I ask because the former is noise, by your definition.

      That said, IMHO, the former is a better read.

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      See also the work of Edwards Deming, one of the major inspirations for the “Toyota Way”.

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        I was reminded of these learning moment recently when I finally read The Toyota Way.

        I’m confused. The link in this sentence is to the Wikipedia article.

        I assume we’re being urged to read the Jeffrey Liker book?

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          This isn’t convincing to read after

          ignore the noise, and go to the signal

          Not trying to be rude, but why should we believe the author’s summaries are better than those that confused him? I will take a look at the book though.

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            You shouldn’t!