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      The careers page is also worth a chuckle, and has given me my new favorite term for data scientists.

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      Finally good replacement for all my MongoDB clusters. Way cheaper and provide similar functionality.

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      Pish. They’re late to the party; S4 (the Super Simple Storage Service) launched in 2009!

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      On finding the LD_PRELOAD version (from the features page), the gist author date alerted me to the lengthy pedigree of devnull-as-a-service.com!

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      Inspired by this legendary video.

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      This gag product seems to exist entirely as an excuse to sell t-shirts. I wish I’d thought of it.

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        actually people asked for tshirts and we added it after 2 years to the website :P

        (author here)

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          That’s cynical of me, then. Either way, please take my words as admiration!

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            no worries :)

            The shop works like this: A friend of mine made the webshop for the shirts and stuff. I have no access to it. Everytime there were some purchases he gives me a call and invites me to dinner from the money. Happend 5-7 times in the last 7 years so and we always had fun :)