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      You might want to add Aquarius Prolog to the list. Its developer was on Hacker News talking about how parts of it were designed to be closer to the metal for better performance.

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        And interestingly, Aquarius Prolog’s lineage includes Peter Von Roy PhD thesis. Thanks for the link!

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          So, I waited till I got time to find it. Didn’t find anything. What I was looking for was either he or someone pretending to be him was the one that gave it to me on Hacker News. He had a nice description of what he did, too. It was at bottom of thread.

          Now, all I can find are references to it by silentbicycle and I. Oh well.

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            Haha, you’ll have to open source you treasure trove of papers one day ;)

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              That and a push-button, verification/testing toolset were going to be my next projects had not I come back to the Lord and COVID hit.I kept that stuff in back of mind. I though of how to get others on it. For papers, the job of checking the copyrights and stuff. I havent forgotten.

              The more disorganized part I had been dumping them into is 8,189 items at 3.2GB of space. That doesnt count the books and slightly-more-organized papers that came before them. That should give you an idea of why Im holding off due to whatever costs might be involved.

              Meanwhile, one drum of alcohol is sometimes going for $1000+ on top of hundreds in shipping. The COVID-related apps and data entry Im attempting cost me 16+hrs for data collection alone. I was blessed with plenty of savings. It could be wiped out by a few supply purchases (esp gone wrong) or one project. So, I gotta hold off on nice, secondary projects till folks don’t need my help on life-critical stuff.

              Hell, high-assurance thinking and Red-Black separation paid off more in my after-work cleaning practices than INFOSEC haha. You could say taint tracking would be another metaphor. Ive occasionally thought about putting it up online but just reminds me how Im not doing enough. Gotta update it in way that’s more miserable…

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        Interesting, it’s older than ISO Prolog and does not run on x86

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        Aquarius was incredible innovative (they forego the WAM), but at the end of the day and with all the the HW development it was not so influential.

        Aquarius code is available and it’s an interesting read.

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        I was completely unaware of Strand, many thanks!

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      The actual URL is https://blog.adrianistan.eu/universo-prolog for anyone who would rather not access it via Google.

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        And speaks Spanish.

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          Most of Lobsters is English, sure, but I don’t see anything in the submission guidelines that says content in other languages can’t be submitted. Various browser extensions and browsers themselves are available to translate website content, and that allows the reader to decide for themselves the source of that translation.

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            Ill add Im fine with it so long as they run it through a translation service to see if it’s readable. This one is very readable.

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            I never said otherwise. I think the original poster used translate because (just like the majority here) she does not speak Spanish.

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              The original poster is apparently the author of the article.