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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Enjoying our new baby, she’s finally here! Her name is Freya and she’s a CHUNK. 9lb 2.5oz. Moms a champ. Still in hospital for recovery so just relaxing with her on my lap and enjoying life.

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        Congratulations! Well done, Mom!

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        Love the name.

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          Thank you! My wife and I wanted something unique but not ridiculous, no misspelling of common names, something short, easy to spell/pronounce, and not easily warped into a mean nickname by other kids. We feel like we nailed that niche.

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            Freya made it into the top ten baby names in the UK a few years back. One of my friends named his daughter Freya, thinking it would be unusual. Unfortunately, Thor came out that year and a lot of people were interested in Norse names - Freya was the most popular.

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      Reading, got some new books:

      • Continue reading Dao Te Qing in the original Classical Chinese (which I’m learning in parallel, it’s kind of like the latin of modern chinese, the ancient language of the classics and somewhat related to literary chinese)
      • Tao of Pooh (interesting introduction to taoism based on the famous bear)
      • Let Over Lambda & The Art of the Metaobject Protocol
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      I’ve been working on a playground for making art with lisp and math, and this week I wrote a lisp-to-GLSL compiler so that you can write arbitrary expressions instead of just combining built-in shapes and transformations. This is pretty fun by itself, but it also means that I can implement animation pretty easily now. Which means I have a bit of a UI project ahead of me this weekend: I want to make a decent scrubber, looping controls, play/pause buttons etc so that it’s easy to debug animations.

      Also I’ll probably spend a lot of time just applying different functions to distort 3D space and going “ooh” when I land on a cool looking shape.

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      I’m going to take some time to play around with all these new AI image models that are around now. I’d love to see if there’s a nice way of generating illustrations for a children’s story.

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      Starting life afresh in a foreign country over the last three weeks has been hectic. I don’t have pending chores for this weekend. Gonna rest and relax.

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        Where did you move to?

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          India to California for grad school.

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            Yes I think that would be quite a move :)

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      After a long time finally going to an IndieWebCamp again and nerding out about personal homepages.\o/

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      Some much need R&R after hell-week of pulling together 2023 goals presentations for the corporate overlords. Going to barbecue, hang out with my newborn son, hopefully get some music production in.

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      Got the nephews coming over for a night, so we’ll be entertaining them. I also need to polish up my resume and more seriously start looking for a remote developer job. Still debating on the one-page vs. two-page thing.

      Recently ordered a VisionFive version 2 board (RISC-V CPU) on Kickstarter, but that won’t be coming in until December. Need to set up a VPN between my cheap cloud server and my home server… AT&T recently decided to not allow incoming connections (on any port), so annoying.

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        VisionFive 2 looks neat, thanks for sharing! Do you have any particular plans for it, or will you just play around with RISC-V? I was considering grabbing one for NAS-like purposes, but USB 3.0 probably won’t cut it there.

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          I’ll be taking a look at code generation in Rust. There is already good support in the main toolchain via LLVM, but the support for RISC-V was dropped in Cranelift a while back.

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      Working on a Phoenix/Elixir app for my wife. It’s a simple scheduling tool, but it’s really helping me learn a lot of “new” features in phoenix (live view, etc).

      This year i started getting into baseball after decades of not being a “sports person”. This weekend we are going to our local minor league team

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      I am going to transfer my data from my old Mac to my new Linux box.

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      Working on learning more about operating an OpenWhisk server - looks like a really nifty piece of tech. All serverless platforms are a little lacking in my mind, I’d love to be able to open a tab in my browser, see a codemirror driven editor, type a couple of lines of go and have a sqlite backed API on the net.

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      Driving up to Klamath Falls, OR and renting a place for the week with my wife, brother, his fiance, and my little sister. We’re going to go do the Crater Lake bike ride the following week and all hang out together and work remotely. Really looking forward to some outdoor adventuring! https://ridetherimoregon.com/

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      Family visiting, going to see my mom and younger sibling. Probably generating more silly Stable Diffusion outputs on my work Macbook which has a pretty beefy GPU. Trying to get my new blog post finalized and posted.

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      I’m going to be going for a walk with a friend somewhere and working on a interview take home project.

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      Good question. I should think about this. We have a long weekend in the US, might go out on a day trip with the partner to look at some cool architecture or something.

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      Gonna build up a closet for my bedroom, need to clean the house a bit. Will be quite some woodwork involved but I got everything prepared.

      Coding wise I will test my async IO Go library on Linux. Trying to put it in production at work but I’m missing some things.

      Maybe also start building a terminal UI for my trading bot. Does anybody have experience with tui-rs? And maybe knows if it’s faster than the Go alternative termui?

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      Taking the kid to the first Scouting event of the year, and then taking him to watch fireworks with his grandma.

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      Recovering from covid mostly. Been a mild case, just letting it run its course.

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      Heading to the fair, hosting a game night, and trying to find some time to just think before the week begins again.

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      Nothing at all seems likely this weekend!

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      • Cycling sportive from the local brewery, decide on the day if I’m doing the short (50km) or long (97km) route
      • Wiring up my doorbell, now I have an RPi running in the homelab again I need to connect the GPIO pins to the wireless receiver and resurrect my bash script to emit an MQTT message when a pin goes high
      • Builder has completed all I’ve asked him to do in the garage, it’s now converted to a utility room & office. Now I need to figure out floor, paint, electrical sockets, etc!
      • Plan out where I’m putting the homelab/networking kit once the office moves
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      Proposing a Wikipedia policy change: giving more users the power to block other users. Before the pitchforks come out, it’s very narrowly scoped: only new users who are making unconstructive edits at a rate faster than 1 per minute, and an admin still has to review the block. This is just to respond more quickly to people doing lots of vandalism quickly - we had one user make 79 edits in half an hour last year before an admin could show up.

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        Just found myself to think hard when I acutually used WP the last time.

        About march, in lockdown, to decipher an acronyme.

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      Hopefully, working on my distributed shell language.

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      • Might do a few day trips to beaches if the weather holds
      • Read up about WebXR
      • Finish educating myself about projections from >3D to 3D
      • Stretch goal: ad projection code to my skeleton VR App to project a tesseract into 3D
      • Read more of the manuscript
      • Write more on my manuscript
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      Hoping to complete my transition from vim to emacs and integrate org mode into my daily routine.