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    There is no evidence of learning styles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Learning_styles has a good summary.

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      Here is some of what the wikipedia article says:

      Although there is ample evidence that individuals express preferences for how they prefer to receive information, few studies have found any validity in using learning styles in education.

      I think it might be good to differ between “Learning Styles” as criticised on th page you link to and learning styles as used by the author.

      While I’m not here to prove scientists wrong it doesn’t take very much observation to factually observe that people do actually learn in different ways (lower case learning styles, something that many people can tell you about).

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        Agreed. “Preferences” might be a better choice than “styles” for this context.

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        I’m just waiting for this new research to be debunked. Anecdotally, this is so untrue for me I can’t imagine it holding up.

        But who knows, perhaps this is a big foot-in-mouth moment for me.

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        When I was in college, I almost quit my computer science major several times. Once, I went down to my advisor’s office and told him that I wanted to quit the major. He handed me the forms and I went back to my dorm and filled them out. But for some reason I never turned them in. Instead I went back to studying and eventually graduated with the major.

        I think the most important thing was that I surrounded myself with other students. My partner at the time (now my wife) was really the one who told me to keep working at it. She studied much, much harder than I did and inspired me to keep at it. I’m so glad I did. Words of encouragement (or conversely, discouragement) are incredibly poweful.