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      A little more convincing: if you correlate with just “fifa”, the peaks do align. (And there are “fifa” spikes in the last week of June that are 10x bigger, and don’t align with “web” anything). Good reminder as to what’s really popular outside our expanding tech bubble.

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        Wow, it’s the kind of thing that puts our little web development bubble into perspective. Just searches for a single web app are enough to swamp the numbers for “web app” in general :|

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          Why does FIFA popularity increase every September?

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            Like most sports franchise games, a new iteration is released annually, and in FIFA’s case it is released around September: typically $59.99 gets you minor gameplay and graphics updates, maybe a new gameplay mode nobody really cares about, and (most importantly) you get new player and team adjustments.

            Why is it released in September? Players are free to move from club to club during transfer windows which are only open twice per season — and the leagues most people play and follow (England, Spain, most European leagues) close mid to late August. So this gives the developer time to handle any late transfers and set the rosters before release time.

            Whether or not this is why “web app” spikes I’m not sure. But that’s why FIFA spikes in September.

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              Ah, thanks for explaining! I didn’t know that.

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            Wow, I think that’s it!

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            In the olden times I would’ve said it had to do with students starting college and getting their first taste of the Internet, but by that metric last September never ended

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              That’s… a lot of tags there. And an ask is almost invariably a self-post.

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                To reiterate the age-old “adding speech quotes to Google searches” question, is that actually searching for the exact phrase, or simply occurrences of both words? If it isn’t, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if the press cycle around iOS & iPhone releases contributes a not insignificant chunk of “app” chatter. I don’t know enough about other manufacturer release schedules to guess whether or not they might also contribute

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                  New students in universities? Good resolutions about learning webapps?