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      There’s an interesting new set of features in Perl 6, but man they’re confusing as hell to me. It’s almost as if the right things to do have become more esoteric.

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        I know right? When I look at Perl 6 examples I feel like it’s INTERCAL with tons of new and cool features.

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      I read the whole thing and couldn’t figure out if it was satire or not (I don' use perl). It was a bit like reading CNN and wondering if I was at The Onion.

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        I watched Larry give a talk at FOSDEM this year, where it was almost EXACTY what then post here. Release date is Christmas. This isn’t an official announcement or something.

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          Perhaps it’s not satirical

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            Would it be too hard for them to announce it on an actual Perl related website? As if taking 15 years to release wasn’t embarrassing enough, unveiling it on a website with rotten.com banner ads and rants about “software jihad” isn’t helping at all.

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              I don’t think that’s where they announced it. It was announced somewhere else non-digitally, and then somebody else wrote stuff down, as far as I can tell.

              But otherwise, I agree with you.

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          Wow, finally :-P This takes me back to 2005/6 when the Perl shop I worked for (Fotango—now long gone) sponsored development of Parrot, the new register-based VM meant to run Perl 6. Not sure what came of that.