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    Clicking on a selection a third time to align things has big implications! Inkscape’s worked so well over the few years I’ve used it that I never would have thought it wasn’t even 1.0 yet.

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      Happy to see that macos support is in a much better state now :)

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        Hope they keep up the good work! I’m waiting for this: https://gitlab.com/inkscape/inbox/-/issues/1577

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          https://gitlab.com/inkscape/inbox/-/issues/1577 Interesting - it seemed to be working fine for me (i didn’t open a huge/ super complicated image). I’m on mojave.

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        That’s great, I usually use Inkscape in combination with Sozi to make Prezi like presentations with a FOSS stack.

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          Congrats to all the people involved!

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            Since I moved to Linux from macOS I have been consistently impressed by many professional applications that I’ve looked into to replace the Adobe suite, and Inkscape is definitely one of them. Looks great, works great, lets me do exactly what I need. Thanks, team!

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              I have loved Inkscape since using it for my undergrad dissertation figures. I am always encourgaing others to switch to it when they run out of Adobe credit! I did however have a lot of issues yesterday running Inkscape 1.02 in a sway wayland session, I need to get round to reporting the bug.