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    Rachel’s already brilliant but this hits the head on the nail. The Web landscape is passively becoming more complicated and exclusionary under this guise of it being simpler for people to get things done.

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      The word “exclusionary” — to me at least — carries a strong political connotation that I don’t believe applies here, even though the author hinted at it when she wrote “usually women”.

      There is of course a huge amount of over-engineering in the UI development world, and I strongly believe in teaching beginners how websites work before adding abstractions. However, beginners also need to learn more than the beginners a decade ago had to. The market has changed. Nobody is hiring for a Webmaster, any more, or if you were to go back a few years further in the design space, a Macintosh Operator.

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        I agree with the bit of needing to learn more than there was of yesteryear but that’s been a result of the push to overengineer in the Web. It’s actually wild how many sites just don’t show anything if JavaScript is disabled (a perf boost if you try it - I have a decent laptop and it flies even faster with it off).

        It’s terrifying to me that we’re (as an industry) encouraging (if not super-promoting) the idea that a markup language isn’t enough to provide functionality and usability on the Web.

        That in itself justify my use of the term “exclusionary” - if people now see this wall that was once painted as a lower obstacle put up with things like React, Babel, Webpack, Jest, Puppetter etc; why even bother?

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      in 2019 they are going to have to move on quickly to the tools and techniques that will make them employable, if that is their aim.

      “If that is their aim”. It seems I almost forgot that years ago everyone seemed to be trying their hand at html and css. My mum who was an aircraft mechanic, then full time mother, maintained a website for her church. My blind step dad maintained a website for a blind association.

      I miss the days of “anyone can build a website with some html and css”, and I hope they’re not completely lost.