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Kotlin doesn’t get a ton of discussion here, but there’s a steady trickle of Kotlin-related submissions. Most of them are tagged java right now even when they’re about running Kotlin on non-JVM platforms.

Example submissions that could have used the tag:

Adding a tag for Kotlin will allow people who are interested in Java but not other JVM languages to filter it out. There is precedent for splitting other JVM languages out from under java: we already have clojure and scala tags.

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    OT: Still waiting for a forth tag, despite a steady supply of relevant posts, and two requests (IIRC) in the past year that got a lot of upvotes.

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      forth could encompass other stack languages in general as well, much as apl does.

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      I’ve created the kotlin tag and backfilled the tag on every story with kotlin in the title.

      Thanks for following the guidelines for proposing new tags, it makes my job a lot easier:

      To propose a tag, post a meta thread with the name and description. Explain the scope, list existing stories that should have been tagged, make a case for why people would want to specifically filter it out, and justify the increased complexity for submitters and mods.

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        Compare with Swift, also a modern language that’s first class for mobile development, and the amount of discussion it gets here under the swift tag. I think Kotlin discussion is on a similar level of activity.

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          I suggested this 4 (wow! time flies) years ago. Here’s some more discussion on the state of Kotlin at that point in time: https://lobste.rs/s/rzizne/tag_suggestion_kotlin

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            Hope it flies this time! I think the situation on the ground has changed enough to render most of the counterarguments in that post irrelevant. The big change is that Kotlin is not strictly a JVM language nowadays. While the JVM is still the most popular target platform, people are building meaningful software that gets compiled to native binaries or to JavaScript with no Java or JVM in sight.

            Also, especially now that Java is on a regular release cycle and we are seeing significant changes to Java at the language level, I think the two are diverging enough to render the “Kotlin is just an alternate Java syntax” arguments less and less defensible.

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            I think Kotlin is worth a tag, for what it’s worth.

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              +1. Kotlin is comparable to Swift in utility and ubiquity.