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    I’m using vi/vim now for over 20 years and never stumbled upon the session feature. Damn, I’m getting old…

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      Hokay, so cool, vim has sessions. That’s sounds like a good idea. I wonder what’s in the emacs package archive that does that?

      desktop+           melpa      Handle special buffers when saving & restoring sessions
      elscreen           melpa      Emacs window session manager
      escreen            melpa      emacs window session manager
      minimal-session... melpa      Very lean session saver
      modtime-skip-mode  melpa      Minor mode for disabling modtime and supersession checks on files.
      persistent-scratch melpa      Preserve the scratch buffer across Emacs sessions
      psession           melpa      Persistent save of elisp objects.
      remember-last-t... melpa      Remember the last used theme between sessions.
      save-visited-files melpa      save opened files across sessions
      session            melpa      use variables, registers and buffer places across sessions
      term+mux           melpa      term+ terminal multiplexer and session management
      tramp-term         melpa      Automatic setup of directory tracking in ssh sessions.

      Also the builtin desktop.el package does that sort of thing. Some of the above are enhancements of desktop.el

      I wonder which of those are best. I will explore and report back…

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        The builtin desktop.el seems to do what I what. Restores, files and frames.

        Can do it all the time or on demand.

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          There’s also persp-mode, which I’ve been using for a while (via doom-emacs), and it’s quite nice.