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    Funny how accountability never translates into bonuses.

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      Yeah without the ability to provide financial incentives it severely limits the manager’s toolbox. It’s like driving with your elbows.

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        OTOH, opportunity sometimes lurks when there are lapses in accountability.

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          While I think this assertion is generally true, there’s something to be said about the personal merits of undertaking projects exactly like what is described in the post. I turned a bet on a porting project in Q2 2014 into a leadership position in Q4 2014 (got a small raise) and then into a new product with me as its architect and lead dev in Q3 2015, which led to a new job building a similar product from scratch in Q2 2017 (massive raise). There was another porting project I undertook during that time that failed!

          It all started because I wanted to see if I could make tests for this app run on a Mac instead of having to boot a Linux or Windows VM or push to CI for a red-green-refactor cycle.

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          Give ’em enough rope…

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            I have decided to pause Swift-conversion project. The classes that have already been converted will stay but I won’t spend more time to convert the rest of the code base. Here is a FAQ page for all the problems…

            Wow. That sounds like one of the worse possible outcomes of this exercise. What happened to “he will have to clean up the shit and learn from the lesson”?