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    Interesting, I was building one too, can you give some thoughts about Node’s capability in term of networking performance? for the two games you mentioned, what is the peak CCU it can handle before it start running into lagging problem?

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      Hey, cool project! The two games I built (generals.io and geoarena.io) are a little different in the sense that they aren’t one big arena for all the players. Because of that, the performance characteristics will look a bit different, so my experiences might not be as useful to you. FWIW, on the day generals.io hit #1 on Hacker News, the game had 50k users playing over that 24 hour period and my Node.js server running on a $20 DigitalOcean droplet did okay, but not great. There was definitely some lag, but everyone could play!

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        Thanks for making Generals! I spent a few months playing it most days, was a lot of fun. I think it’s plausibly the next best RTS game after Starcraft 1/2 :)

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          Glad you enjoyed! I’m a big Starcraft 2 player / fan, so it was a lot of fun to make generals :)

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            Nice, me too! Generals felt a lot like practicing keeping up with Zerg creep spread while microing.