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    The one upside that came out of this mess of an engine was that while messing around with JVM languages (Scala in particular) I realised delimited continuations can be used to do everything behavior trees do in a way that is far more natural and flexible. I ended up using this to control cutscenes and monster behaviors once I knew finite state machines wouldn’t cut it.

    I’ve only developed very simple games compared to this, but I have to agree that coroutines are an absolute lifesaver in game development and would have a hard time considering a language for game dev if it didn’t have coroutines.

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      I must confess to not understanding.

      I’ve read a few guides on what delimited continuations are except seemingly perhaps a way to mark where a function should be interrupted and the result passed back to do manual interweaving of functions.

      It still doesn’t make sense to me.

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      Sounds like a really fun game. I’m considering…