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    This project seems to be long abandoned, created in 02012 and last updated in 02013 :-(

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      http://www.openstenoproject.org/ probably not a bad time to link to this since others might be interested.

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        I’ve looked into this years ago. Wondered about it, but ultimately concluded that I would never type anything at 200wpm. It also doesn’t work very well for code, and is specific to English. It’s essentially just shorthand. We already have this with code templates (func<TAB> translate to function(<CURSOR HERE>){<CURSOR AFTER ENTER PRESSED>}).

        On the flip side, I could see people who write papers and stories absolutely love this. I just don’t do enough of that.

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        Are you involved with the Long Now Foundation?

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          I’m convinced enough by their premise that I use 5-digit years.