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I’m collecting as many links for stuff like ziglings and ruby koans as I can find! I am hoping to compile something like an awesome list of them.

I’ve found this repo as a starting point, and collected quite a few, but would love to know about any you’ve come across or worked your way through.

If you know of any for any language would you mind commenting with a link?

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      https://exercism.io/ has exercises for 52 different languages.

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        Exercism is pretty nice. I created a repository that makes Docker images available for a few of the Exercism languages (C++, Clojure, Java, Ruby, Python, Go), since I wanted to play with a couple of the languages but didn’t want to install all the language dependencies on my local machine: https://github.com/bi1yeu/exercism-docker

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      When the ziglings came up on the orange site someone started a list but it seems some of the other repos suggested are more complete, if a bit out of date.

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        Thanks for the heads up! This by example includes some things I’d missed!

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      APL: APLcart

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      Google, of all organizations, made something like this for Common Lisp, of all langauges. https://github.com/google/lisp-koans

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      The Little Schemer and it’s sequels. I also liked a fan-made book “in the style of” that was called something like “A Ltitle Ruby” or “The Little Rubyist” or similsar.

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      I see Clojure in that repo but I have two other links: http://clojurekoans.com/ and http://clojurescriptkoans.com/

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        There’s also https://www.4clojure.com/

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      It seems that maybe this list already exists!