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      DevOps is a cultural / social movement to bring devs and ops closer together through embracing configuration as code, automation, source control, fast feedback loops etc….

      “Zero devops” makes it sounds like project is claiming those things don’t matter.

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        Oh interesting - what is your suggestion on how I should describe it?

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          I’d bring it back to the problem you’re solving.


          • Are you removing the need to have any Kubernetes knowledge?

          = “Kubernetes Deployments - Without Any Kubernetes Knowledge”

          • Are you removing the need to have template scaffolding such as helm in order to deploy applications to a Kubernetes cluster?

          = “Templated Kubernetes Deployments without messy helm charts”

          • Are you bundling multiple usually discreet services / tools together?

          = “All in one kubernetes deployments without the needs for custom CI scripts, docker build wrappers, helm chart templates or deploy manifests”

          Something like that I think.

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            Thanks for the suggestion/feedback!

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      I was caught out the other day while looking for a project called launchpad. Apparently there are dozens. It makes finding any specific one problematic.

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        Yeah, the name immediately brought to mind Canonical’s Launchpad.