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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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    Well my company just got acquired. Which happened during a comically stressful move which happened on a comically stressful couple of months.

    So I’m going to go to the farmers market. Ask my partners family for a green light to marry her. & go for a long bike ride.

    I’ll fill the gaps with unpacking, and hacking on a side project or another.

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      Your life seems very eventful at the moment!

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        Sounds fun.. good luck!

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        Taking care of a partner who is starting her cancer treatment (the second one in her life).

        Inbetween, where I find time, I’ve been sharpening my Python skills.

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          Cancer sucks, and being there for someone is hard work too. Wish you both the best.

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          Going up to a 4000m peak, hope I don’t die in a glacier like the mountain guide that taught me climbing, as I just found out.

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            Enjoy !

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              Good luck, and dibs on your loot if worse comes to worst ;)

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              Working on cRUSTy, a toy shell written in Rust.

              It has been so much fun! It is the kind of project I’ve been looking for, for a while.

              A project to really get invested in.

              This is a project that is rapidly being updated!

              So if you’re interested in an up-and-coming shell (I plan to make it more than a toy), keep watch on it. I also regularly toot about it on my Mastodon account.

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                I’ve spent too much time on my laptop this week (lockdown week #2), so instead of coding, I’ll be thinking about how build systems and CI/CD pipelines are just the same thing (one is run locally on demand, the other remotely in reaction), but yet they typically lead to two separate code assets (eg. makefiles and YAML files). I hope to have some clearer ideas of what the building blocks for achieving that convergence may be.

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                  Just moved. Final days of overlap between the two leases, so going to deep clean the old place and take photos of my efforts. If my landlord tries to stiff me on my deposit, I will be able to push back.

                  All other time (at new location) will be spent digging through boxes for a very specific item that I need in the moment. Along the way I will pass over twenty other items, until I later need one of those and think to myself “Ah crap I thought I just saw that?!” and go back to digging.

                  I am very bad at moving.

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                    Just moved. Can confirm the ah hell, where was that thing I just had.

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                    Mostly looking after our 14-week old puppy! My partner is visiting with friends most of the weekend, so I’m on exclusive puppy duty. He’s an adorable ball of fluff, but he has So Much Energy and can only be left alone for a few minutes at a time without getting into mischief.

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                      Messing the Ocarina of Time decompilation, and maybe do some CADing with CadQuery, and may some writing.

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                        I wanted a grafana dashboard for rrdtool and collectd - Some pretty old school, but imo well designed metrics solutions. I found nobody had done it so spent all of today working on rrdsrv and a wip grafana plugin to talk to it.

                        Youtube video of the result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5ZV-qnrQT8 . I hope to publish the plugin soon.

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                          I’m doing research on hardware security tokens for my friends who are starting a (blue collar) business. My goal is to SSO everything from (PIN + hardware OTP) and never have to deal with weak passwords.

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                            Cars need some maintenance, new car has some modifications to be done as well (bloody BMW and their clutch delay valves. Just no.)

                            Garden needs a tidy up, and I have a tonne of wood to collect from a family member’s as my wood store is empty and they want shot of it all.

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                              Running wires for the mini split A/C system I’m trying to install in my house, and landscaping. I’m on a break from hobby computer stuff until the weather gets miserable, which it will soon.

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                                Working on my Ruby implementation. I need to do some profiling and am hoping to identify some easy perf wins.

                                Also going to try to record some hacking for the YouTube channel.

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                                  • some code, some reading, studying for an AWS cert, and family time on Sunday
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                                    trying to write a cli tool for webhook replay on local for a mail stream.

                                    My app https://hanami.run support webhook, email come in, we parse and fire webhook but writing webhook handle with an email workflow is tedious to test so I’m going to write a local CLI that connect to our server sent event app to tail the mail stream and fire webhook to a local endpoint.

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                                      I’ll be participating as an extra for some shooting today. I don’t know any details yet 😅 There are also some unit tests to be written (work related) and my personal page to be rewritten.

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                                        I’ve just started a week off from a regular client, so I’m building a shaded sandpit for my son. Today was digging holes.

                                        Like almost everything I DIY, it’s no doubt over-sized, and over-engineered. But what fun would it be if it wasn’t?

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                                          Just recompiling older go stuff using 1.17, more to check that things still work than for security or any gains.

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                                            Been inspired by the blog post sd: my script directory and want to implement something similar for my own use, particularly at work.

                                            Considering writing the dispatch program in a compiled language instead of a shell script, for performance reasons. This is particularly as I’m considering adding a --completion parameter that will be called by the zsh completion functions to get dynamic information based on the script command directory contents and I want this to be as near instant as possible.

                                            Trying to figure out which language to use that would be the easiest for me, as I don’t typically use language implementations with native compilation.