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    I love the idea. You can take it a step further and send the error alerts to Sentry, either self-hosted or managed. I always appreciate when I see a project support Sentry alerts (Gitlab is an example of a big Rails project that supports sending errors to Sentry. Discourse, too, I believe.)

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      Hi and welcome to Lobsters! Would you mind enganging in some way other than promoting your ruby thing? Like, maybe by commenting or something?

      We appreciate technical content, but we appreciate actual community involvement even more.

      Lobsters is not your marketing channel. :)

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        Thanks for the comment. I do need to get around to it. Since it is currently a free site and any/all content/hosting costs is absorbed by me personally, I didn’t see an issue. The only revenue it generates is from monetization on youtube which is rather tiny. Regardless, I will poke around here a bit.