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    Personally, they should have got rid of /usr instead of merge everything into it - that is, flat /.

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      Mount-wise /usr is more practical than having bunch of separate /stuff. It’s easier to keep it read-only. It’s easier to overmount it if needed. It’s easier to mount it remotely.

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      It will be interesting to see if any of the BSD’s follow suit with their own attempts to cleanup hier.

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        Not in this decade. :)

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          I suppose it could remain a differentiator, if nothing else. ;)
          “Recapture that timeless feel of classical Unix filesystem organization! Use BSD today!”

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          I can see the benefit of Debian doing this (and IIRC Solaris had something similar with certain directories, eg, /lib being a symlink to /usr/lib), but for me it’s another sign of Linux moving further and further away from classic Unix. Yes, progress means that sacred cows need to be challenged, but I sometimes wonder where it’ll end.