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    I love this idea. I achieve something similar by manually breaking my talks into chunks of a couple of slides, and then recording and stitching them together. Sometimes it takes 10 tries to smoothly discuss a couple of slides (since I’m tweaking the slides and also the spoken words at the same time). It would be nice to have this all integrated.

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      This surprised me. I was working on basically this exact thing, waiting for a code cleanup to complete when I read this.

      We have a very similar system for retaking and deleting segments, but we are doing bit more than this, in that we are also including inline undercrank to compress video when the presenter is not talking, and is working with text on the screen.

      The project is targeted at journalists and bloggers so we are also implementing automatic upload, processing to a stream and an embeddable widget.

      We hope to have a demo version out by the end of April. If anyone is interested in just having a tool like this in their hands and not having to build it feel free to contact me and I will notify you when it is ready for use. Any feedback or suggestions about how this could better suit this particular usecase are welcomed. We are focusing on online journalism but it has not escaped my notice that there are dozens of other areas this could be used in.

      The old demo (I am currently rebuilding the entire project from scratch) can be seen here if you want a basic idea of what the intention of the project is: www.writeinstone.com

      Currently windows only I am afraid. A company has to get off the ground somehow.