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    Well it doesn’t seem to work without Javascript, I was actually hoping that this could do without it. :(

    Not really sure if the animation is due to SVG (not sure if animation is part of the standart) or Javascript (at that point it would be quite similar to D3.js).

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      Yeah. Unfortunately, JavaScript is how to do cross-browser SVG animations at the moment. See here for the rundown: https://blogs.adobe.com/creativecloud/the-state-of-svg-animation/#.VXGQW1yqqkq

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        Most of D3-based visualizations use SVG.

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        One thing I’m always unsure about: Are all these shapes hand-written in SVG? If not, which editor is usually used? I can’t find any good recommendations anywhere and all these presentations omit that part :).

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          I use Inkscape for manual SVG creation and diagrams for programmatic SVG creation.

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            I wasn’t aware of Diagrams! I’m a huge fan of PGF and metapost, but using them for SVG is painful. Inkscape, I find very… clunky?… so I was hoping there was a solution in-between Illustrator and Inkscape.


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            You can use vector-based programs, such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape.

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              Thanks! I know of these, but thanks clarifying, I thought I was missing something!