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    No open source? Booooooo.

    I wrote lowdown specifically to do PDFs via groff (-ms, or -man with groff and/or mandoc). It’s not an easy problem, I guess: Markdown parses easily into HTML; but with roff, you need to have an AST to handle spacing issues. Or at least look-ahead parsing. No word on the site of how these are generated.

    I can see that the linked page (again, no source code?) doesn’t handle links. For example, lowdown/README. Then as rendered with lowdown here. If you don’t do any span-level markup (i.e., only using \fI instead of invoking a macro) it’s easier—maybe that’s what they did. (Note that the links, as is, have a trailing space, which means it might’ve been generated with groff and that’s the extra space after a macro. Who knows.)

    I do like the PDF’s font, by the way.

    (Does anybody know why OpenBSD’s firefox PDF viewer renders so ass-tastically, and without utf8?)

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      lowdown looks nice!

      afaik heirloom troff is now maintained by someone else and now lives at http://n-t-roff.github.io/heirloom/doctools.html

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          Missed that. Seems it just pipes internally to markdown-pdf, which internally just pipes HTML through html-pdf. Eh.

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        If you would like the functionality markdown-over-htttp-to-pdf, the following works fine and has really nice typography, if you ask me.

        curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/jquery/jquery/master/README.md | pandoc -f markdown -t latex -o readme.pdf

        The dependencies are well worth having installed, considering all of Pandoc’s features.