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Back in the day, I was trying to change my life and I thought that would be a good idea to have a software to track everything I did, but I didn’t find anything on the web. The main idea is to track as many datasets as you want and see the relationship between them in a nice graph.

There’s an API available as well.

Built this as a side-project and it might be useful for someone other than me. The entire project will be open-source this summer and you’ll be able to contribute, fork or do whatever you want with the codebase.

The stack is mostly Django, PostgreSQL and nginx. It’s not rocket science, but it’s my little baby and I’m quite proud to have shipped already.


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    This looks interesting - definitely fits into the whole quantified self movement. I would really like to see some sort of example of what it does without registering, though.

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      Does this support tracking metrics that should not be sum-aggregated over time? For example, I’m type one diabetic and could see using this for storing things like insulin doses (which could be sum aggregated) and measures like blood glucose level (which might be better served by simple or moving averages).

      I look forward to the source opening up!

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        Pretty sweet! can’t wait to get the source and play with it. First useful feature that I can think of to add, if you don’t already have it, is auto complete for hashtags.

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          I made something similar called countinual (hosted), initially to store simple counted data like pullups and step data exported from my Fitbit account. I added some different graphing modes and a Graphite/Carbon-compatible UDP receiver and now use it to collect and store data from all my servers (bandwidth, memory usage, etc.) and custom metrics from my apps like Lobsters.

          I agree with the others though that it would be helpful to see a graph on the splash page before creating an account.