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    Genius! I really enjoyed watching it remotely. And, Bryan, if you ever wanna do that in Europe, happy to help ;)

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      So, we’re trying to figure that out. Clearly, we’ve tapped into something here – but I imagine I don’t have to tell you that running a conference isn’t exactly a low-stress or low time-commitment endeavor. We also want to figure out what, exactly, constitutes the Systems We Love “brand” so we can franchise it out for others to run their own Systems We Love conferences. We also need to figure out sponsorships for future conferences; we at Joyent have no interest in making money off this, but losing less money would probably be nice. ;)

      Definitely welcome ideas on any/all of this! The one thing we feel we know is that there is clearly demand for this content – which itself is inspiring!

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        Right. Yeah, as a co-chair of the European Data Forum 2013 and countless user groups I think I have a bit of an idea what it means. Suggest you have a look at the super successful Devoxx franchise here in Europe as well, as a reference. I’d immediately know two locations in Europe (incl. partner and logistics): CodeNode in London (with SkillsMatter) and Software Circus in Amsterdam (with Container Solutions) + I can certainly ask our friends at MSFT if they wanna support this as well.

        This is such an awesome format and it would be a really great thing to make this accessible in person for Europe. Happy to do whatever it takes to make it happen!

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      Thanks for posting the links to the talks. A 8hr video without any bookmarks is unwatchable, and there is really some gold in there.

      I watched a few of them last night, and they were short, passionate, to the point lightning talks about a single topic. Don’t miss the one on the Apollo Guidance Computer, a fascinating project.