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    I’ve heard about how terrible Auto Layout is from so many developers. Is it merely the case that people are confused about it? Or is it that it is kludgy even if you fully understand the process?

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      The problem with Auto Layout is that when it works, it’s great. When it does not work, it’s a PITA to debug.

      The IB implementation also had too much magic behind (adding missing runtime constraints so the equation system had enough variables to be solvable but causing it to have no solution). Then you had to read the debug dump and figure out what constraints to add or remove.

      Also, things that are expressed in a single sentence in the design (e.g. “views evenly spread horizontally with a 4px separation”) where difficult to obtain. Before UIStackView was available, to do that you had to create invisible views between the elements, add constraints to them to have the same width, and then constraint the views positions to those.