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    That speakers do listen is creepy to begin with.

    If I recall correctly, they even sold such devices while hiding that fact, which people discovered independently. Later, some software “upgrade” enabled the questionable piece of hardware.

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      Got given a google home for free and ended up giving it away. Just don’t feel comfortable with google handling this information. Switched to an iphone recently and I feel better about siri just because Apple actually seems to give a shit about user data and privacy.

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        A Google spokesperson told Protocol that the feature was accidentally enabled for some users through a recent software update and has since been rolled back.

        “Accidentally enabled for some users”? More likely, they rolled it out for a small percentage on purpose in order to shake out the bugs, and the “accident” was one or more of:

        • Failing to get manager/Legal/Product approval before doing so
        • Intending to turn it on as a percentage dark launch, but it actually took effect for those users rather than just reporting back metrics
        • Attaching the feature to an existing beta tester rollout group rather than having the launch be kept independent

        You don’t just “accidentally enable” something for “some users” in the standard software bug sort of way. It can happen, but it’s much, much more rare and involves race conditions or existing discriminators.