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As mentioned in a couple of comments recently, I’ve begun writing a new book. I’d love to get feedback from the Lobsters community about it, particularly regarding the outline. If you’re interested in seeing some actual text, take a look at this pull request.

Is a book like this interesting to you? Why or why not? See anything missing from the outline that I should cover? Looking forward to your thoughts!


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    Cool deal. It reminds me of the classic Writing That Works, written by the former CEO of Ogilvy. I found that book to be very useful. A programmer-focused would be cool. In your outline I see some things that remind me of Team Geek. Another audience to write for are potential employers. I’d like to see a section on code review and commit messages.

    Otherwise, I’ll say that writing a whole book is difficult! In terms of tools, using Markdown will get you far. I wrote a book last year and that was my tool of choice. I extended the syntax a bit to do various formatting things I needed (see mistune for a reasonably good Python markdown parser). Some people swear by asciidoc callouts.

    Good luck!

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      Did you ever release the code that gets Python to run code embedded in Markdown? Did you use an import hook? (I haven’t tried messing with how Python loads code, beyond just calling eval/exec.)

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          Thank you!

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          No but I need to. Thanks for the nudge.

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          Thanks for linking to those books. Looks like I should take a look at them.

          Sections on code review and commit messages are a great idea. I’ll definitely add those.

          Haha. Yes. I suspect that writing a book should be listed as one of the classic blunders.

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          can this be tagged with book?

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              Thanks to both of you. I somehow overlooked the book tag. :-)

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            I can’t wait to read this. I’m trying to improve my writing skills and from skimming the comprehensive outline it looks like there will be plenty for me to learn.

            On an unrelated note, I’m curious why you split your sentences with line breaks?

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              Glad it looks useful to you!

              I’m using semantic line breaks, partially because it works well with git and markdown, and partially because I just wanted to experiment with a different style of structuring my text’s source code.

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              This should be an interesting book. I used The Economist Pocket Style Book as my guide to writing - although my version is a hard backed book, published in 1986 :~)

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                If anyone has more suggestions for additional writing-related resources, feel free to suggest them here or in this pull request. :-D