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    A primer on the Command Line Interface. I’ll be posting once a week, and would love to get fellow lobsters feedback – what stuff do you wish you knew when you were learning the CLI? What things should I explain as simply as possible? My main audience is total newcomers to the CLI.

    Topics I’ll be covering soon:

    • simple commands (ls, cd, pwd)
    • how to find and read man pages
    • why is the CLI awesome
    • how to find files

    And then in the future:

    • environment variables
    • hidden files
    • pipes
    • users / groups / permissions
    • log files
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      In addition to the tools used on the command line, efficiencies in using the shell are also going to make a huge impact for new users - things like sudo !! and basic readline bindings like C-w and C-a for editing the line.

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        I would add !g, which executes the last command that started with g.

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          Thanks! Yeah, there are probably some people who’ve been using the CLI for a while that that kind of stuff could help too.

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          a guide to preserving and searching your complete bash history (e.g. https://sanctum.geek.nz/arabesque/better-bash-history/) perhaps coupled with some sort of log rotation scheme to archive it and start a new one every so often (but keep the old ones searchable)

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            Will the site be OS-agnostic? I think it would be neat to cover a general topic and say “this is how it’s done in OpenBSD, but this is how it’s done in many Linux distributions, and this is how it’s done on a Mac.”

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            Custom aliases and functions. Pipe redirection.

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                Thanks Ray!