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    Folks, can we please stop with the “What should Apple do next?” stories?

    We have had a lot of them recently and they all tend to be consumer product rhapsodizing of a sort that isn’t particularly informative.

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      Just like IBM and their clients have benefitted from Lenovo.

      have the customers benefitted? The Thinkpads got worse and worse the more time has progressed after the sale. The old IBM built machines were absolutely top-class in build-quality and absence of bloatware (minus some IBM-built updaters which were bad but could be removed).

      As time has progressed, the Thinkpads have become Notebook like all other PC Notebooks. Nothing special, some with better build quality, some with worse, but definitely no longer top class.

      Yes. The machines got cheaper, but sometimes, cheaper isn’t the be-all, end-all. For some types of usage, build-quality matters much more than price.

      I really hope that Apple can keep supporting the Mac for a very long time as I still love their hardware very much, exclusively future-looking ports be dammed.

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        My first reaction was very similar. While Lenovo kept the quality of Thinkpads high for a few years following the sale, they’ve now become (as you said) very much average. There may be cases in which this type of thing worked, but Lenovo + IBM is not one of those situations.

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          Yeah, I used to say that thinkpads were the only laptops worth buying, and now I feel none are worth buying. There probably won’t be a laptop I’m excited about for a very long time.

          Hopefully someone raises tons of money and is able to make laptops targeting developers that isn’t shy about charging a ton of money for a top class product for people who use their machines for work all day.

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            Not just the quality of the products, but also the ethical standards and practices of the firm that makes them.

            IBM was (and is) a leader in the practice of ethically sourcing minerals, Lenovo has continually purchased conflict minerals from African kleptocracies and genocidal terrorists, particularly in the Kivu province and the Congo at large.

            If you are buying a new machine this holiday season, please check out http://zv.github.io/buyers-guide.html

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            I wonder if there’d be any chance of Apple open-sourcing macOS itself?

            Probably a long-shot, but I think such a move would massively disrupt the desktop/laptop market.

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              There’d be no monetary benefit to it for Apple.

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                True. I was just thinking that after posting above.

                By comparison, Microsoft have been de-emphasising Windows for a while, charging less and less for it, making it effectively free, etc. But that works for them because they’ve shifted emphasis to services and applications.

                Apple are not a services company, nor an apps company. They’re pretty bad at both right now, and it’d take a long time and a lot of work to change that.