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SixXS will be sunset in H1 2017. All services will be turned down on 2017-06-06, after which the SixXS project will be retired. Users will no longer be able to use their IPv6 tunnels or subnets after this date, and are required to obtain IPv6 connectivity elsewhere, primarily with their Internet service provider.


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    I had been using SixXS for quite a while, and it’s been a real pleasure. At some point I gained IPv6 support at my ISP and servers so I stopped using them, but that’s already been a few years. Thank you for your service.

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      I used SixXS for my initial home IPv6 connectivity around 10 years ago. I later switched to Hurricane Electric due to the SixXS client not working on NetBSD/sparc at the time (no, really!).

      I’m still using HE, primarily because I like having static IPv6 addresses at home. My ISP offers IPv6, but it’s dynamic only, at least on my package - I believe if I upgrade to a business package I should be able to get a static addresses (IPv4 certainly is static).