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    This is pretty cool. I recognize Bryan Cantrill as one of the key personell of joyent (who made SmartOS which was neat, they ported KVM to solaris/smartos) and Jessie Frazelle from when she was blogging about Docker, where she actually worked. Two very impressive engineers and nerds.

    I hope both will be very successful with they new self-employment!

    Thanks for the link, this could become awesome.

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      Does anyone here have experience with SmartOS? It looks awesome, but I’m curious if anyone here has tried it before.

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        they ported KVM to solaris/smartos

        And more recently, ported bhyve to replace the KVM port :)

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        Apparently this surrounds the creation of a new company:

        As a part of starting Oxide Computer Company, Bryan Cantrill and Jess Frazelle decided to also create the podcast that they always wanted.

        The name of which suggests a Rust connection, which Bryan Cantrill confirmed: https://twitter.com/bcantrill/status/1201294699387965440?s=20

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          Product announcement spam, flagged.

          It doesn’t even link to a real episode.

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            Anyone know where the podcast can be downloaded? Is it just me or it is getting rarer and rarer to actually have a download link.

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                More precisely, in the RSS feed right click and save one of the episode.


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                  Right, you didn’t mention that you’re after the RSS feed ;^) … which oddly enough, was exactly what I was looking for this morning! :^D

                  Thought I’m being useful here providing the top level link where both the podcast page, and the RSS feed are just a click-away :^P

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                    I wasn’t looking for the RSS feed but it’s the only place I’ve found a way to download an episode. I haven’t seen a way to download an episode directly from oxide.computer but maybe I missed it.

                    Anyway, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.