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    I love this! The idea of having a series of frames chronologically detailing my software interests (as expressed via laptop stickers) seems super cute.

    Also a great way to disguise most laptops as a macbook, hah

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      That’s super cool and probably a little more sensible than keeping the bezel itself.

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        Waiting for Preserving Laptop Stickers on ThinkPads edition :)

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          There you go (X1 Carbon 5th Generation): https://gist.github.com/klingtnet/9424fa94a7c89d221ff5d6f1c87cf0d6/edit

          I was not able to plot and test it yet but it should fit.

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            I was actually joking but thank you :)

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          I like that this technique would also work well to blank out manufacturer logos. I had a MacBook and put a sticker over the Apple logo, but it just looked like a MacBook with a sticker covering the Apple logo. If it were entirely blank, that would have been much more interesting.

          I have a Lenovo X1 now, and I wouldn’t mind discretely covering up the “X1” design.

          A benefit to doing this on a Lenovo would be that it would probably make the laptop less attractive to fingerprints.

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            And then there’s also https://www.gelaskins.com with the custom cover option, these are quality skins that peel off without residue. So you could have a gray cover printed and put all your stickers on it. Which is not what I do, because I prefer a great pic as full cover, no stickers for me :-D

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              a little much

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                I’ve been doing this with my MacBook case lids. I need the protection!

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                  I’ve stopped putting stickers on my MacBooks given how often I have to replace them because of keyboard failures. I don’t know how I feel about starting to work around that problem.