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Sounds like a joke, but I just could not find a simple, minimal stopwatch. Neither on the web nor on the appstore. So I made this.


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    Hitting “stop” before “start” breaks the “start” button.

    The 1 second delay between hitting “start” and receiving any feedback gave me the feeling something was wrong.

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      Ok, fixed the “stop what wasn’t started” bug.

      Yeah, I’m not sure what could be a good feedback when hitting start.

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        Maybe make the text darker when the stopwatch is active?

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          Perhaps make the colon hide/unhide every half second, and hide it as soon as you press start?

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            I still see a problem with pressing “stop” before “start”. If I press “reset” while stopped, then press “stop” and wait a few seconds, then press “start” again, the stopwatch starts at 4 seconds or so, instead of 0 seconds.

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              Damn :) Fixed that one too now!

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          Some more feedback:

          Keyboard control would be handy. I would expect Space to toggle starting and stopping the stopwatch, and ‘.’ to reset it.

          It would be easier to use if the three buttons were dimmed (disabled-looking) when they don’t apply to the current mode. When the buttons are dimmed, their color should not change on mouseover either. These are the only buttons that should be enabled in each of the three modes:

          • when modus is "new": “start”
          • when modus is "running": “stop” and “reset”
          • when modus is "stopped": “start” and “reset”

          If I press “reset” while the stopwatch is running, the time goes to 0, but the stopwatch keeps running. All of the physical and virtual stopwatches I have seen put Stop and Reset on the same button, so that the stopwatch is always stopped after hitting Reset. It feels weird that this stopwatch acts differently, so I think you should change it. I can’t think of a reason anyone would want the current behavior.

          In fact, if you do make “reset” stop the stopwatch, you might as well collapse “stop” and “reset” onto the same button like other stopwatches. The button would rename itself according to the current mode. That would make the interface even more minimal, so that the user has an easier choice of what button to press.

          If this were open source, people might implement some of this for you.

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            I am sceptical about dynamic buttons. I tend to think static buttons are easier on the eyes and on the mind.

            Yeah, open sourcing it is a good idea. A nice reason to create my first Github Repository. Here it is:


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            I made an app that looks kinda similar to this called FitApp. I even have similar bugs!