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    thats great to see RethinkDB still lives. Last release is Dec-2019. I found it’s client library query style was fantastic, and the server side management very usable.


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      Yeah, I got into it last summer and was initially saddened to learn that it had been considered dead for quite some time. Then, elated when I learned they were doing things behind the scenes to get the communitiy up again.

      I truly believe RethinkDB is the superior and developer friendly alternative to MongoDB and have been singing its praises. I’m excited for what the team will release this year.

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      Another reason to migrate is the license of MongoDB: SSPL vs. Apache 2 of RethinkDB.

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        For others who may not know what SSPL entails (like me until a few minutes ago):

        Basically, SSPL means one cannot offer MongoDB as a hosted service. That makes sense from their end as they offer hosting. However, it’s a bit of a punk move because they are preventing potential competition from forcing them to improve their product.

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        I am glad to see RethinkDB evolving, but out of interest who are its maintainers?