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    My one original contribution on this topic:

    I made a gym-tracking module that’s helped me a lot. Here’s a photo. “Upside down” triangle is leg day, Triangle is chest day, Circle is shoulders, and square is back.

    It’s helped me get to the gym more routinely :)

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      While BuJo has been pretty effective for some people, I have a hard time sticking to it. I generally end up just writing my thoughts out in long form when I have the time, and jot quick things down on my phone without any real regard for organization. I’m lazy, but impure, I guess.

      One thing that I do find to be handy is to treat the journal entries and the index as stacks that grow from opposite ends of the notebook towards the center. Worked wonders in high school, except for certain classes where the teacher required that we organize our notebooks in a particular style. Gross.

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        I have a hard time sticking to anything moderately complex. A weekly and daily todo list (in my head most of the time) are fine. Having a routine helps too.

        Maybe I’m just not busy enough for these methods.

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        Don’t forget your washi tape! :P My BuJo has helped me organize so much!