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    Hex has so far maintained backwards compatibility with Elixir 1.0.0 with every new release of Hex. The reason for this is because Hex needs to be kept up to date to continue working, otherwise things like certificates or changing APIs means things will break. If Hex stopped working on a given Elixir version it would effectively mean that the Elixir version becomes unusuable for any real development.

    With Leiningen we enforce a strict separation between the project’s process and the tool’s process for this exact reason; we didn’t want to get in a situation where Leiningen’s own dependencies or language version requirements interfered with those of the project. This causes overhead in memory and boot time, but I believe it to be worth it in the long run.

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      Hex is a great package manager and has done a fantastic job of uniting the languages on the BEAM into a single package ecosystem. I didn’t even know it was still pre-1.0, it’s been so stable and ubiquitous. So congrats to the team, and here’s to 2.0 and the future!