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    Isn’t that the name of the lisp package something or other?

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        Yes. But that CommonLisp ASDF is library and does not have a binary/command. I needed the “asdf” binary to be able to type it easily. So I went ahead with the same name. I didn’t intend to tell anyone about this tool until a couple months ago :)

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          I think we are all just sad after seeing the title. I personally hoped that the CL library gained enough momentum to start incorporating other languages. What we were left with is reality, the world lives on shell & duct tape :(

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            Google doesn’t care is it is a library or not. If you knew about asdf before hand it is a BM move imho.

            if you need to type it by finger rolling why not ‘qwer’ or ‘qwe’?

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              In fairness, naming something for finger-rolling was a bad idea when Common Lisp did it, too. :)

              I certainly see the point that it was never meant to be public!

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                As a point of information, asdf was originally going to be called “another defsystem facility” and then I rearranged the words slightly when I looked at the acronym it formed. It was written as a response to the “defsystem 4” proposal, which seemed to me needlessly baroque

                Source: I was the original author

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                  Nice to hear that ~!

                  I apologize for colliding with your project’s name. To re-iterate, I never intended to even announce my project. It was an entirely personal project to learn bash better. (you can see in the commits that it’s almost a year old and has had rewrites to satisfy the inner-me).

                  While writing the version manager, after a curious google search, I found your project. I didn’t know about it’s significance (I missed the part that it was used by quicklisp. I’ve used quicklisp when trying CommonLisp long back). I just needed the “asdf” command and checked that the CommonLisp ASDF didn’t use such a command/binary. So I went ahead with whatever the name I had given. It was also written with the expectation that someone will do a better job than my proof-of-concept, for the .tool-versions file, thereby making the version manager. I do have this idea to build a version manager as a feature to homebrew instead (To anyone reading: idea is up for taking. I’m out of gas)

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                    UPDATE: I tried to rename to “qwer”, but a quick Twitter search shows too many sexually explicit images & accounts. I’m going to wait until I find a nicer command to type.

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                    It is an acrynoym, it stands for Another system definition facility.

                    Later uiop and xcvb played on the theme though.

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            I’m going to echo the sentiments of other users and ask that you rename the library since asdf has been around since 2002.

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              Can’t we all just use nix?

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                I don’t think those firmly in the source based workflow camp will be persuaded to switch to nix

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                  What’s a “source based workflow”? (Asking because Nix itself is source-based and can optionally use binary caches)

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                There’s a minimal ruby webserver called adsf, which comes with a corresponding executable. This will give nice typos.