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    Skimming through it, some thoughts.

    • Not linked to anywhere else on his site yet, but I’m guessing that will change in the next few days.
    • It looks like he implemented his own video player/video logic. Why not embed Youtubes? It’d give all of the functionality he uses without any of the overhead. I just want to be able to skip with arrow keys :(
    • I will shamelessly admit I laughed at the “who is this clown” bit.
    • I really, really, really dislike how you only get the link to the next video when you finish the current one. For the record, there’s only one other video produced, although it looks like more to come.

    The one thing that I want to dig into more is that he says that he doesn’t think it will be useful for programmers, besides changing how you think about systems in a good way. I vehemently disagree: TLA+ is incredibly and directly applicable to programming. I love advocating it not because I think the ideas are brilliant (they are, Lamport’s a genius), but because it Makes Your Software Better.

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      Why not embed Youtubes?

      I guess he wanted the ability to show the website at certain points. For the initial video, he only used it to provide links, which can be done with Youtube as well. Maybe there will be more exciting things in later videos? For example, interactive examples.

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      I would watch this just for his sense of humor.

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        Okay actually the costumes are the highlight.