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    Who's hiring? Q3Y2022 job

The Summer Solstice has passed in the Northern Hemisphere, it must be time for Q3 Who’s hiring? Here’s the template:

Company: XXXXXX

Company site: XXXXX

Position(s): XXXXXX

Location: XXXXXX (please specify whether REMOTE or ONSITE)

Description: XXXXXX

Tech stack: XXXXXX

Compensation: Salary, equity, vacation, major benefits.

Contact: XXXXXX

There is also a LinkedIn group which was discussed in this post

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    Company: AdaCore

    Company site: https://www.adacore.com

    Position(s): GCC/GNU Toolchain Developer, DevSecOps Developer, QA Engineer, Software Supply Chain Engineer, Product Security Engineer, IT Systems Engineer.

    Location: Some positions are available remotely, others are in Paris/Grenoble/Toulouse/Vannes in France, the Product Security Engineer one is in Dresden in Germany.

    Description: AdaCore’s original mission was to maintain GNAT, GCC’s Ada frontend. The company quickly expanded and is now maintaining a lot of tools revolving around the Ada ecosystem (build systems, other backends for GNAT, IDEs, various parsing technologies, static analysis tools, formal proof tooling, embedded runtimes…). Everything we do is open source and we make money by selling support, trainings, certification etc.

    Tech stack: Depends a lot on the position, but knowing Ada is not a requirement (AdaCore can even provide trainings in the language if necessary). If you’re going for the Release Engineer, DevSecOps or Software Supply Chain Enginner positions, you’ll likely need Python.

    Compensation: Depends on the position and experience. AdaCore seems to pay an average salary from what I can tell.

    Contact: Please go through the webpage dedicated to the position you’re interested in.

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      Company: GitHub

      Company site: https://github.com

      Position(s): engineering, product, design, and many other roles (but selfishly I’m looking for platform product managers)

      Location: US, Canada, Europe - remote or on-site

      Description: GitHub is the largest code hosting and devops service in the world. We have dozens of roles open, but I’m looking for two platform product managers. One is for Data Storage – we build the SQL, NoSQL, blob storage, event queue, and job queue systems for the rest of the company. The other is for Git Systems – we build storage and access mechanisms for Git data, and we contribute much of what we build upstream so everyone can benefit from it. (Job posting hasn’t gone live yet, email me at my-lobsters-username@github.com if interested.)

      Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, Go, Rust, C#, Kubernetes, Typescript

      Compensation: competitive salary and stock grants, discretionary PTO (most people aim for 5-6 weeks), home office and communications stipends, remote-first culture

      Contact: https://boards.greenhouse.io/github/jobs/4020477 or my-lobsters-username@github.com for the PM roles; https://github.com/about/careers for other roles

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        Looks like I can no longer edit my post. The Git Systems role has been posted.

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          I’m always surprised that at its scale (and being Microsoft), GitHub is still not hiring in some countries (such as France).

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            I agree, it sucks. We can’t even hire in all of Canada, only certain provinces. Because we’re independent of Microsoft, we can’t use all of their nexuses of business, employment tax setups, etc.

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              We go through remote.com

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                For those wondering, “We” in the above post means Thoughtbot.

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              French labour laws and regulations are off putting for many companies. We should stop pretending that’s not the case.

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                I wonder which specific thing is off putting?

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            Company: Apple

            Company site: https://www.apple.com

            Positions: Software Engineer - OS Networking





            Location: On-site. Cupertino or San Diego

            Description: We have 2 positions in Cupertino and 2 positions in San Diego for SWEs who want to work on operating system networking. This includes, but is not limited to, software that implements, TCP/IP, firewalls, QUIC, network device drivers, networking APIs (https://developer.apple.com/documentation/network), networking infrastructure, VPNs, wireless/Ethernet/cellular networks, etc.

            Tech stack: C, Obj-C, C++, Swift

            Compensation: Competitive pay and great benefits. The recruiter will cover all of this.

            Contact: You can either apply through the website or you can email me (rpaulo at apple.com) and I will be glad to forward your resumé to the hiring in manager / recruiter. Feel free to contact me if you have questions about these job openings.

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              Company: Equinix Metal

              Company site: https://metal.equinix.com/

              Position: Senior Firmware Engineer

              Location: Remote (US/UK/EU preferred, other locations potentially considered)

              Description: Help develop OpenBMC for deployment on our bare-metal cloud servers! Past experience with Linux kernel/firmware/embedded development, electronics, and open-source community participation desired; see the posting for more information.

              Tech stack: OpenBMC – Yocto/OpenEmbedded, Linux kernel, u-boot, C, C++, occasional bits of Rust.

              Compensation: I don’t have any concrete numbers available, but it’s pretty competitive. US-based applicants may appreciate that health benefits have recently been expanded to cover travel and lodging.

              Contact: email <zweiss at equinix.com>, or find me (username zevweiss) on the OpenBMC Discord server (please do get in touch if you’ve applied or have any questions!).

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                Company: ActionKit (a division of NGP VAN)

                Company site: https://actionkit.com/

                Position(s): Senior software engineer

                Location: Fully remote in the United States

                Description: ActionKit is used by over 150 progressive groups and not-for-profits to help tens of millions of online supporters contact decision makers, donate money, and take action online and offline. Our clients–the ACLU, MoveOn.org and others–use our tools to protect reproductive rights, fight climate change and more. Our scalable, flexible tools and APIs make us the choice of some of the most tech-savvy progressive organizations using the Internet to fight for good.

                We’re a small, tight-knit team where everyone wears a lot of hats. As a software engineer, you’re responsible for the detailed design of your features, not just coding them, and developers often propose feature ideas. All engineers’ work touches various parts of the product, support, and operations. Every engineer, including you, takes a shift of at least a few hours each week answering clients’ support tickets.

                A longer description is at https://bit.ly/3NAEw8G – please give it a look!

                Tech stack: Python, Django, MySQL. We’ll consider related experience, too!

                Compensation: $150-170k depending on qualifications and experience. Generous PTO, parental leave, health insurance, 401(k).

                Contact: rfarmer at everyaction dot com

                There’s no posting for it currently, but we’re also interested in resumes for a site reliability engineer position. Candidates need substantial experience in SRE or operations, and need to be comfortable writing Python, but we’re looking more for skills in systems, cloud, and database administration than application development.

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                  Company: thoughtbot

                  Company site: https://thoughtbot.com

                  Position(s): https://thoughtbot.com/jobs


                  Europe, Middle East, Africa

                  Location: REMOTE


                  thoughtbot is your expert design and development partner. We bring digital products from validation to success and teach you how because we care. It’s time to move beyond simply building features and start designing the right product with the right strategy.

                  Tech stack: Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, Stimulus, React, SQL, PostgreSQL, Heroku, AWS, Kubernetes (depends on the client)


                  For instance for “Ruby on Rails Developer” in Europe, Middle East, Africa it can vary between $57,000 and $125,000 USD depending on location and seniority.

                  Equity would probably be for very senior roles

                  All the benefits are on https://benefits.thoughtbot.com

                  For instance for France, I have 25 days of vacation and 10 days of sick leave paid from the first day (not common in France).

                  Contact: dorian@thoughtbot.com

                  Hope it helps, it’s a pretty awesome company, you can read more about how we work https://thoughtbot.com/playbook and our values https://thoughtbot.com/purpose

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                    Thanks for posting salary ranges!

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                    Company: Standard.ai

                    Company site: standard.ai


                    Location: FULLY REMOTE, countries vary by position (check the job listing for specifics)


                    At Standard.ai we’re building autonomous checkout technology (i.e. walk in, grab your stuff, walk out) to create a frictionless experience for shoppers. Our technology is built with a real-time computer vision system and cutting edge machine learning. Here’s a product overview video.

                    Personally I find it an interesting product because it feels like something from the future. Even though our technology is based on computer vision we explicitly don’t use facial recognition to identify customers.

                    My team is responsible for the service that computes shopper positions from multiple camera feeds and associates them with a consistent shopper from frame to frame.

                    Here’s a video about our company, including an interview with our CEO. I think it illustrates the value our product provides to both shoppers and retailers: How Autonomous Checkout can save your corner store, with Standard AI.

                    Tech stack:

                    Depends on the team, but my team uses Rust and the video ingestion software is Rust bindings to GStreamer. Python is also used widely for ML stuff. Infrastructure is hosted on Google Cloud Platform and services communicate over PubSub.

                    Compensation: I don’t have compensation numbers available, but pay is competitive in my experience, full benefits are provided, and PTO is unlimited (I haven’t seen people needing to haggle to use “unlimited” PTO either).

                    Contact: Email me at “zach at standard dot ai” or message me here if you have questions. Include a resume if you’re interested!

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                      Hey, just a heads up: the link to the site is broken – add the protocol to fix it. (Not sure why Lobsters is hyperlinking it.)

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                        Fixed! Thanks

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                      Company: Render

                      Company site: https://render.com/

                      Position(s): Support Engineer, Backend Engineer (Infrastructure), Site Reliability Engineer

                      Location: Remote. We are flexible with an office in San Francisco.

                      Description: We are building a powerful, easy-to-use cloud platform to host anything online: from simple static sites to complex applications with dozens of microservices. Render offers the flexibility of traditional cloud providers without their complexity and maintenance headaches so developers and businesses can focus on building products instead of managing servers. We minimize the amount of thinking, reading, and clicking developers need to do. As we continue to grow, we’re actively looking to hire engineers with high integrity, low ego, and an insatiable drive to learn.

                      Tech stack: Go, Kubernetes, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, and React, but we don’t require prior experience with any of them.

                      Compensation: $140,000 - $190,000 DOE + signing bonus + equity

                      Contact: Apply directly on our careers page or happy to chat individually if you’d like (email in profile).

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                        Company: Tibber

                        Company site: https://tibber.com/

                        Position(s): Engineering Manager, Senior Backend Developer, Senior Web Developer, Data Engineer, etc

                        Location: Stockholm, Førde, Berlin, Remote EU

                        Description: Tibber is in the center of the energy transition. We are a consumer-facing electricity company in the EU. Working at Tibber you help the EU grid get off of fossil generation, and our customers to reduce energy costs, by building “demand-response” software that moves heavy electric loads like EV chargers and building heat to match supply. Business model is structured so that we make more money if we help customers reduce energy use.

                        If you are interested in having a direct day-to-day impact on moving off of fossil fuels, this is a great place to work.

                        Deep and interesting problems, like high-reliability software integrating with EU electric grids doing second-by-second frequency response, forecasting problems, optimization problems, UX to customer explaining a complex transition etc etc.

                        Chill place to work.

                        Tech stack: Python, TypeScript, .NET, C and C++ for embedded devices.

                        Compensation: Competitive pay + equity, good additional benefits on top of normal EU benefits (eg. we will comp most of the delta between your salary and parental leave salary when you go on parental leave, good pension package, etc).

                        Contact: https://jobs.tibber.com/jobs (and feel free to email me if you have any questions and I’ll try to answer/route you to the right place)

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                          Company: Hackworth Ltd

                          Company site: https://www.hackworthltd.uk/

                          Position: Software developer

                          Location: Fully remote within the UK


                          Hackworth are hiring a full time software developer in the United Kingdom, starting immediately, on a fixed-term contract running through 1 May 2023. Depending on the success of our product launch, and assuming mutual interest, there may be an opportunity to switch to a permanent role before the end of the initial fixed-term contract.

                          In this role, you’ll help us design, develop, and test the web-based frontend application for our first product: a novel visual programming language designed from the ground up for teaching functional programming to beginners. After several years of research, prototyping, and testing with students, we are now focused on shipping, with an expected launch date in Q1 2023. You’ll join our existing team of 3 software developers and a business development manager. This role is a great opportunity to help create an innovative, highly interactive user interface, while also making a positive impact on the world by helping kids learn to program.

                          Due to the product schedule and the amount of time required for someone new to ramp up, we’re looking for someone who can start immediately. For the duration of this contract, our company will continue to operate in fully-remote mode. As we are a UK company and cannot currently sponsor visas, you must be eligible to work in the UK to apply for this role, but you will be able to work from anywhere within the UK.

                          Tech stack: For this role, you will use TypeScript and React. Across our organization, we develop on macOS and NixOS; our backend is implemented in Haskell; we use Nix and pnpm for reproducible builds; and our infrastructure runs on a combination of GKE, Fly.io, and dedicated machines running NixOS.

                          Compensation: The salary range for this role is £50,000 — £60,000 per annum. For detailed information about our benefits, please see our jobs page, but among the highlights are flexible working (e.g., 4 day work weeks), flexible hours, 25 holidays per year in addition to public holidays, and a subsidy for space at a coworking location that is convenient for you, should you want to work outside your home.

                          Contact: careers@hackworthltd.com

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                            Company: Yorba

                            Company site: https://yorba.co

                            Position(s): Clojure Developer

                            Location: Fully Remote

                            Description: Yorba offers simple, secure identity management. The service aggregates a person’s online presence and provides insights, guidance, and a set of organizing principles to manage personal information. Identity is actionable through open standards, available APIs, and partner interoperation.

                            We’re committed to building a more ethical internet. These aren’t just words. Yorba is a Public Benefit Corporation, which means that we legally cannot prioritize profits at the expense of our core values, our members, or our promises. Furthermore, we’re building on open standards; our product must win on the merits of our user experience and the trust we build with our members. We believe that people are tired of the status quo and Yorba offers a way to make meaningful change.

                            Tech stack: Clojure, Google Cloud, Node, Literate Programming

                            Compensation: market rates, flexible hours, equity possible

                            Contact: schmudde@yorba.co

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                              Company: Flores and Associates

                              Company site: https://www.flores-associates.com/

                              Positions: Senior Software Engineer

                              Location: Remote / North Carolina

                              Description: Flores is a vendor of payroll benefits programs such as FSA, FMLA, and COBRA. We’re looking for some to primarily work on backend services in C#. Some of this is going to be API work, some is going to be ETL. Don’t fret if this isn’t your exact tech stack, we’re flexible and will consider any experienced candidates. The job is remote with monthly in-person meetings in Charlotte, NC.

                              Tech Stack: Our backend is in C#, we have a web frontend in React and a mobile frontend in Dart / Flutter. There’s also PostgreSQL on the backend and we’re in Azure.

                              Compensation: Competitive salaries for the Charlotte metro area

                              Contact: Feel free to apply directly https://recruiting.paylocity.com/Recruiting/Jobs/Details/1207084

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                                Company: Luna, Inc. (Not the crypto)

                                Company site: https://www.getluna.com

                                Position(s): Mid-Senior Level Software Engineer positions available (4+ years experience)

                                Location: Our official office is in Rocklin, CA but we are a remote team that tries to meet up at least once a year. Must be a US citizen or have authorization to work in the US.

                                Description: Luna is a healthcare technology company that delivers software solutions that help facilitate the successful delivery of at-home care. Currently, our main focus is at-home physical therapy, but we’re looking to expand into some exciting new opportunities in the near future. In order to support these goals, we would like to grow our team so that we can distribute the load and continue to deliver great features.

                                Tech stack: Our primary backend application is a Rails 6 app running Ruby 3.0.4, and we have an older Flask application that functions as a supporting service. We have started breaking up these applications in a move to an Elixir-based microservice architecture. If you have experience with any of the above / something similar, and an interest in working with Elixir, we’d love to talk to you!

                                Compenstation: $150K - $180K + 0.0% - 0.25% equity depending on experience

                                Contact: DM me here or email anthony at getluna dot com

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                                  Company: EAT Club

                                  Company site: https://eatclub.com

                                  Position(s): Full-stack Software Engineer, Python/Django Developers, DevOps Engineer

                                  Location: US (Remote)

                                  Description: EAT Club is on a mission to transform the office lunch industry through tech-driven logistics, bringing a superior food experience via virtual cafeterias to the workplace. EAT Club was recently acquired by Compass Group, a global leader in food service, and is now expanding operations across North America and beyond. As an experienced Python or Dev/Ops engineer, you will be joining a close-knit team of passionate software engineers. Open communication is a must! - We leverage high-trust and goal-oriented foundations to create a culture of high performance and great work-life balance. Your day-to-day will include a short morning stand-up, focused time for Python/Django/React development, and the occasional group meeting.

                                  Tech stack: Python/Django, React, ReactNative, TypeScript, AWS, MySQL

                                  Compensation: Competative salaries and great benefits!

                                  Contact: https://careers.compassgroupcareers.com/sr-software-engineer-python-developer-remote-nationwide/job/19601061 or me directly for questions at nick at eat.club

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                                    Company: Mission Lane

                                    Company Site: missionlane.com

                                    Position(s): Many open roles, but I have 2 openings on my team specifically for backend software engineers

                                    Location: Remote (we have offices in Richmond VA and San Francisco if you’re interested in them though)

                                    Description: Because there are so many open roles, it’s hard to pinpoint one description here. I can tell you that we have multiple products, including credit cards, debit cards, and a gigs app to help people find/track their gig income and make informed decisions about how they earn money. (Mission Lane, Mission Money, and Earn by Mission Lane in the app stores)

                                    Regardless which team you work on, you will own your team’s domains and services from start to finish. You’ll build your app, deploy it, and monitor/maintain it. We work closely with our product owners (who are part of the team, not separate and distinct) to put out the most impactful features we can. You will be responsible for writing code, reading code, reviewing PRs, mentoring others, and rotating on-call for your own apps (you won’t be on-call for things you don’t own). While we’re at work, we work! But we take time off and encourage you to maintain your personal life. You will not be expected to work overtime or weird hours. Your time is your own outside of work. There is unlimited PTO, but we truly do encourage people to take it off and not burn out.

                                    Tech Stack:

                                    • Credit: Kotlin, GCP, kibana, k8s, JavaScript/TypeScript/React/React-Native, GraphQL
                                    • Debit: NodeJS, TypeScript, GCP, k8s, kibana
                                    • Gigs: Java/Kotlin, TypeScript/React-Native

                                    Compensation: Depends on the pay band, but we pay based on national rates, not local (no matter where you are). Unlimited PTO (that we actually encourage you to take), 401k - 100% on the first 3%, 50% on the next 3% up to 6% for a total company match of 4.5%

                                    Contact: https://boards.greenhouse.io/missionlane – or if you really want you can message me and ask questions. I’ve worked here for about 3 years as both a tech lead and (now) an engineering manager. Happy to give you straight facts on the company / how it is working here.

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                                      Company: Systems and Technology Research

                                      Company site: str.us

                                      Position(s): Programming Languages Researcher, Software Reverse Engineer, Vulnerability Researcher, and more on the site

                                      Location: Arlington, VA or Boston, MA. Most roles offer flexibility in WFH vs in-office, but some projects necessitate being in the office more.

                                      Description: we do applied R&D for our clients, who bring us some pretty thorny problems. We’re not afraid of using whatever might give us an edge, however. In the two years I’ve been here, I’ve worked with static analysis, dynamic analysis via binary instrumentation, genetic optimization, grammar-based fuzzing, building LLVM compiler passes, and other fun tech. While the roles I mentioned above are rather specific, we’re very interested in strong generalists who have a deep understanding of computers and want to apply that daily.

                                      Tech stack: highly project-dependent. I’m currently writing Haskell, and previously I’ve written code in assembly, C++, Python, and Rust on other projects.

                                      Compensation: competitive salary and benefits

                                      Contact: please contact me at $MY_USERNAME@gmail.com if any of this sounds intriguing.

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                                        Company: ThousandEyes (part of Cisco)

                                        Company site: https://www.thousandeyes.com/

                                        Position(s): pretty much everything but I’m looking for SREs.

                                        Location: US, UK, Portugal (remote or on-site)

                                        Description: ThousandEyes is a digital experience monitoring tool used by many to monitor their online services’ performance. We’re looking for SREs on all our teams. This is by far the best place I’ve ever worked in. The culture is just awesome.

                                        Tech stack: AWS, Kubernetes, Terraform, Puppet, Prometheus, Grafana, Kibana…

                                        Compensation: pretty competitive I’d say.

                                        Contact: https://boards.greenhouse.io/thousandeyes/ or my email.

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                                          Company: SecureDNA

                                          Company site: https://www.securedna.org/

                                          Position(s): We are seeking a small number of developers and test engineers. Can you write code which is correct, secure, and performant? Are you full of devious ideas for how to break and compromise everything you touch? We want you.

                                          Location: 100% remote (primarily US and Europe, but also some China)

                                          Description: The SecureDNA project seeks to enable fast, reliable, cheap, automated screening of DNA synthesis orders, to prevent both careless and malicious users from synthesizing potentially-hazardous DNA sequences anywhere in the world. It is an international, academic/commercial partnership project, consisting of researchers from MIT, Tsinghua University, Aarhus University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and other world-leading academic institutions, in partnership with major international DNA synthesis providers. To learn more, visit our website or read our technical whitepaper.

                                          Tech stack: Rust, with a very small amount of Python

                                          Compensation: Competitive salary, flexible scheduling

                                          Contact: jobs+lobsters at securedna.org